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Entry requirements for 2025 start

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This information relates to entry requirements for entry into medical school in Autumn 2025, with UCAS applications to be submitted by 15 October 2024.

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University of Manchester Medical School

MBChB Medicine (A104)

6 years including Foundation Year

Last updated: June 2024

Degree (graduate applicants)

We welcome applications from graduates or those in their final year of study towards an undergraduate degree. You should have achieved or be predicted a minimum of an upper second (2:1) honours degree and should have achieved a minimum of BBB at A-level (32 in IB) in your first sitting.

The Foundation Year is not appropriate for graduates with a science degree. Graduate applicants with two sciences at A-level are also not considered for the Foundation Year course. Applicants who fulfil either of those criteria should apply to the 5-year course instead. Please note that we do not accept ordinary or ungraded degrees.

A Levels and Scottish Highers

AAA at A level in either three arts/humanities subjects or two arts/humanities subjects and one science subject.

If you have studied science subjects before you may still be eligible to apply and receive a BBB offer if you meet the criteria below:

  • Are in receipt of a UCAT Bursary in year of application
  • Meet contextual admissions criteria with a WP+ OR WP++ flag on your application.

Four Highers at grades AAAA by the end of Secondary 5. Grades should be achieved in the same sitting at first attempt. At least two Advanced Highers at grades AA are required, attained by the end of Secondary 6.

Scottish Highers

We require 4 Highers at grades AAAA by the end of Secondary 5. Grades should be achieved in the same sitting at first attempt. English language and any science subject (Maths, Chemistry or Biology) not taken at Higher/Advanced Higher must have been achieved at SCQF level 5 (National 5, Intermediate II or Standard Grade Credit level grade 2 or above). Applicants also need Scottish Advanced Highers in addition to Scottish Highers.

Scottish Advanced Highers

We require at least two Advanced Highers at grades AA by the end of Secondary 6. Any of the following combinations are acceptable:

  • three Advanced Highers at AAA;
  • two Advanced Highers at grades AA, plus one A2-level subject at grade A;
  • two Advanced Highers at grades AA, plus one new Higher at grade A.
  • We do not accept Chemistry or Biology alongside another science in the Advanced Highers. You will also need Scottish Highers in addition to Scottish Advanced Highers.

GCSEs and Scottish Nationals

We require at least seven GCSEs at grade A (7) or A* (8+).
English Language and Mathematics are required at GCSE minimum grade B (6). At least two science subjects are required at GCSE minimum grade B (6) if not taken to AS/A2-level. If Dual Award Science or Core and Additional Science are offered, the minimum required is BB (66).

For applicants whose status has been confirmed as WP+ or WP++ using the University's Contextual Data Eligibility tool, we will accept 6 GCSEs at grade 7 (A) or above.

International Baccalaureate

36 points are required overall to include core points with at least 666 at higher level.

If Maths and English Language are not offered as part of the Diploma, they should be offered at GCSE or IGCSE at grade B (6) or above. We accept both Mathematics options as part of the Diploma.

Higher level subjects should include subject combinations that would be unsuitable for admission to the 5 year MBChB.

Personal statement

You will be required to write a personal statement as part of your UCAS application, and this will be seen by the admissions departments for each of your course choices.

At Manchester, we do not usually read the personal statement that comes to us via UCAS; instead, we ask applicants to complete a Non-Academic Information Form.

There are some circumstances where we will look at the personal statement, however, so it is important that you complete it. The sorts of areas we would expect to see covered in the personal statement are as follows:

  • reasons for choosing/changing to medicine;
  • amount of work experience in a caring role;
  • knowledge/experience of the UK healthcare system;
  • interests/hobbies;
  • team working;
  • communication skills;
  • determination;
  • conscientiousness;
  • intellectual potential.

Admissions test


Interview method

Multiple mini-interviews

Work experience

We require applicants to undertake some relevant work experience prior to application in order that they can gain some insight into what the role of a doctor involves.

We are not looking for a particular number of hours doing a specific type of work experience. We are trying to ascertain that you have a clear idea of what it is like to study medicine and what the role entails.

Shadowing doctors in a hospital/GP setting is not essential or considered to be a substitute for hands-on caring work experience.

Applicants should be aware that we may request confirmation of their work experience.

Widening participation

We make some contextual offers automatically (normally AAB or ABB) for applicants who meet specific WP criteria and for those applicants enrolled on our WP programmes (e.g. MAP/PWAP). We also participate in the UKWPMED scheme. See website for details.

Contextual admissions

This course offers contextual admissions. See website for detail.