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Preparing for the MS AKT

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MS AKT student handbook

The Medical Schools Council has produced a handbook for UK candidates sitting the Medical School AKT. It covers information from how the assessment is structured to common FAQs. This handbook will be updated yearly. If you have any questions on the information in this guide, please speak to your medical school. 

Preparing for the MLA

Your medical education and training are the best preparation for the MLA including the MS AKT (the team leading the assessment is made up of academics who deliver undergraduate medical education in medical schools).

You do not need to pay for private paid-for courses or textbooks – MS AKT resources will always be free and comprehensive. No members of staff involved in the MS AKT are contributing to private courses or materials so the quality of these products will not be the same as the materials that have been provided through the MSC, which have been quality-assured by those setting the assessments. You will not need to learn anything beyond what is already covered in your medical school’s curriculum.

MS AKT Paper Copies Policy

Paper copies will not normally be provided for the MS AKT. You can read the full policy for more detail.