Clinical academia

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Medical clinical academics are doctors who spend part of their time treating patients in the National Health Service and part of their time undertaking research and educating the next generation of doctors.  

Each aspect of their role improves the others, resulting in cutting-edge clinical work, innovations to improve patient care and ensuring the supply of high-quality future doctors. This makes clinical academics vital to the development of the National Health Service.

Clinical academics make up around five percent of the medical consultant workforce. They are university employees with honorary contracts with a general practice surgery or hospital Trust. The Medical Schools Council is committed to promoting clinical academic careers to both young doctors and the wider public. It produces a yearly survey of clinical academics and it runs an online service for advertising clinical academic jobs.

The Medical Schools Council, along with a number of stakeholders from the sector, have developed a principles and obligations document on UK clinical academic training in medicine and dentistry. Read the document and its FAQs here