Clinical academic jobs

Date listed Title Medical school Closing date
04/12/2018 Clinical Lecturer in Cardiovascular Medicine (1) University of East Anglia 01/02/2019
04/12/2018 Clinical Lecturer in Public Health (1) University of East Anglia 31/01/2019
04/12/2018 Clinical Lecturer in Haematology (1) University of East Anglia 31/01/2019
16/10/2018 Associate Professor in Clinical Oncology/Honorary Consultant University of Leicester 30/01/2019
30/10/2018 Professor or Associate Professor (Clinical) in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry/Honorary Consultant University of Leicester 28/01/2019
10/12/2018 Associate Professor in Medical Oncology/Honorary Contract University of Leicester 30/01/2019
18/12/2018 Clinical Research Fellow University of Southampton 11/01/2019