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This page provides a comprehensive overview of the free resources the Medical Schools Council has created for applicants, school staff and parents. For more resources, please see the Studying Healthcare website.

MSC also supports InsideUni Medicine - a website that shares free reliable, student-written advice and insight into the medical school application process.

Studying Healthcare website

The Studying Healthcare website was developed by the Medical Schools Council to provide clear and accessible information for applicants to medicine, dentistry and pharmacy. 

Infosheets for applicants to medicine

These Infosheets each focus on a different part of the applications process and beyond. They include key facts, dates, common pitfalls, and ways of testing what you have learned.

You can download the full collection of infosheets or see them individually below.

These are topics are also the focus of a series of videos called Infoshorts. They will be available here as they are released, and are also linked below to their relevant Infosheets.

Entry requirements

See our entry requirements tool or use the downloadable pdf. Entry requirements are collected directly from UK medical schools annually. 

Work experience

These virtual courses have been recognised by medical schools as a suitable element of relevant experience to help prepare an application to medicine.

Guidance for applicants and medical school staff on interviews

For students

The Interview Prep website takes candidates step-by-step through the medical school interview. The website takes 30 minutes to work through and includes videos and activities, covering:

  • What medical schools are looking for in candidates
  • What candidates can do if they don’t have access to practice sessions
  • Dealing with nerves and anxiety
  • The different types of interview, including the “structured interview” and “multiple-mini interview”

The website is free and requires only a quick registration. It is made to complement the many resources on applications to medicine that can be found here on the Medical Schools Council website. We hope it will be useful for both candidates and for medical school staff and students in their outreach work.

Visit to sign up.

For students and staff

The interview is one of the final stages in the medical school application process and the most common interview method used by medical schools is the multiple-mini interview (MMI). "How to run a mock MMI", created by University of Exeter medical student Olivia Eguiguren Wray and published by the Medical Schools Council, is intended to be a complete guide to running a mock MMI session. It includes tips for students and interviewers, a step-by-step guide to running a mock MMI and debrief session, practice stations and mark schemes.

See How to run a mock MMI here.

Online interviews 

Candidates should read our guidance for candidates taking online interviews in advance of their interview. 

Other useful resources