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New website for interview preparation


The Medical Schools Council is delighted to launch its Interview Prep website.

For students applying to medicine, or who are thinking of applying, the interview can feel daunting. Some will have been prepared for how interviews work and this will make them more confident on the day. But those who have not benefited from this guidance can find it harder, even when their aptitude for medicine is high.

While medical school interviews are designed to see through “coaching” and assess the candidate’s qualities as closely as possible, preparation will always be essential.

As part of its work to increase fairness in medical applications, the Medical Schools Council has produced a website which takes candidates step-by-step through the process.

The website takes 30 minutes to work through and includes videos and activities.

It covers:

  • What medical schools are looking for in candidates
  • What candidates can do if they don’t have access to practice sessions
  • Dealing with nerves and anxiety
  • The different types of interview, including the “structured interview” and “multiple-mini interview”

Use of the website is free and requires only a quick registration. It is made to complement the many resources on applications to medicine that can be found here on the Medical Schools Council website. We hope it will be useful for both candidates and for medical school staff and students in their outreach work.

These resources are made in collaboration with representatives from every medical school, so candidates can be sure they are receiving the most accurate and comprehensive information.

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