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New admissions webinar for teachers and careers advisers


The Medical Schools Council (MSC) has today published its first online admissions webinar for teachers and careers advisers who are supporting their students in applying to study medicine. The event was attended by 500 participants working at target widening participation schools and colleges across the UK. 

Drawn together by the MSC Selection Alliance, the panel was composed of key figures in medical schools who possess an expertise in admissions and widening participation in medicine. Panellists answered live questions from participants on a range of topics, including work experience, admissions tests, medical school interviews and the clearing process for entry in 2020 and 2021. Particular attention was paid to the potential impact of Covid-19 on the admissions cycle, with panellists explaining how medical schools were adapting to changing circumstances.

Repurposing conferences as online webinars forms part of the Medical Schools Council's plan to make sure that teachers and careers advisers have the support they need to guide students considering applying to study medicine. In the coming months a rotating body of panellists will convene to offer more webinars which focus on specific aspects of the application process to medicine. It is hoped that these webinars will be as participative as in-person events while reaching a larger audience through recording the sessions.

The release of this webinar follows the publication of a video for applicants which explains how they can gain relevant experience to apply to study medicine while the Covid-19 pandemic is ongoing. Answers to questions asked during and after the webinar have been compiled and published on our FAQs webpage. For a full selection of published resources aimed at students, teachers and careers advisers, see here



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