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Education Leads and ELAG

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Education Leads

Each medical school has staff who specialise in education. It is they who manage the curricula and make sure that graduates are able to meet the needs of their future roles as doctors. The heads of medical education from member medical schools work together as the Education Leads.

Areas of work include:

  • Curriculum mapping
  • Criteria for reasonable adjustments
  • The introduction of the Medical Licensing Assessment
  • Making clear the value and benefits of a career in certain areas, such as general practice, according to workforce needs

Education Leads meets three times a year and is led by the chair of the Medical Schools Council Education Sub-Committee, which is Professor Steve Riley, Dean of Cardiff University Medical School.

Education Leads Advisory Group 

The Medical Schools Council receives frequent requests from stakeholders to distribute surveys, questionnaires and curricula updates to medical schools and medical students. The Education Leads Advisory Group, which includes experts in medical education, curricula design and implementation, is responsible to reviewing these requests.

The Advisory group is accountable to the Education Leads group and meets twice per year. The group works with stakeholders such as the Royal Colleges who would like to implement changes in curricula to understand the current practices, and shape these changes so that they are necessary, practical, and achievable. They also work with the General Medical Council on developments in medical education and curricula that may need to be reflected in Outcomes for Graduates.

All enquiries to the Education Leads Advisory Group should be directed to admin[at] An application form and details about the review process can be found below:

Digital Education Group

The MSC Digital Education group was established in 2022 to bring together e-learning practitioners and those with responsibility for curriculum design and decisions across the UK medical schools to:

  • Lead the discussion of effective digital education that medical schools face, thereby acting as a platform to advise the Medical Schools Council (MSC) and their member schools.
  • Update members on current work-streams across UK medical schools, sharing effective practice and lessons from experience, and things that have not worked.
  • Discuss digital pedagogic effectiveness and innovation to improve educational effectiveness and student experience.
  • Share software and hardware solutions and requirements, providing opinion on their efficacy and sharing expertise on their use with a view to improving educational efficacy and fiscal efficiency across the sector as a collaborative group of users.
  • Act as a centre of expertise, bringing together the collective experience of our membership to benefit the UK medical schools.

Read the MSC Digital Education Group's report on 'Hybrid' working in medicial schools.