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UKFPO announces major change to the Foundation Programme Allocation Process for 2024 recruitment


The Medical Schools Council welcomes the announcement from NHS England that a new allocation model for application to the UK Foundation Programme will be introduced in 2024.

The feedback from medical students has increasingly told us that the current allocation system requires reform. We are grateful to NHS England and the UKFPO for engaging with students, medical schools and other key stakeholders to understand how we can make this important first step into NHS employment fairer and less stressful. It is hoped that the move away from the previous scores-based model to the new Preference Informed Allocation process will lead to more applicants being allocated to their first choice without the need to sit Situational Judgment Tests. Medical schools will continue to support their students and share expertise and feedback to ensure a smooth transition and implementation.

To find out more about the announcement, see the UKFPO website.

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