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Student Nursing in London


The NHS workforce plan sets out ambitious targets for the recruitment of nurses, as well as allied health professionals, which includes the aim of increasing adult nursing trainee numbers by 92% by 2030. 

The nursing profession in general is still primarily female. In London we know that 90% of the nursing student population are classified as mature (with almost 60% over the age of 30). It is also an ethnically diverse student population, with 64% of UK-domiciled learners studying for a nursing degree in London being of an ethnicity other than white.

To encourage young people to consider the nursing profession, and to support diversity in general, the Medical Schools Council is supporting London Higher’s #StudyNursingLondon campaign which aims to inspire and empower young people up and down the UK to embark on rewarding careers in the nursing profession in the capital city. It enables those considering nursing to hear directly from those embarking on nursing courses.

There are four main sub-areas of nursing in which undergraduate degree courses are offered Adult Nursing, Child Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, and Learning Disabilities Nursing

When we spoke to student nurses about why they chose their field and their courses we heard about the secure, varied and fulfilling career it provides, the value placed on doing work which benefits society, the flexibility of the profession, the appeal of the practical aspects and the skills it develops.

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