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MSC releases guidance on relevant experience to study medicine during the Covid-19 pandemic


The Medical Schools Council has released guidance to help first time applicants to medical school gain relevant experience during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Why have we produced this guidance?

We recognise that this is a difficult time to try and gain relevant experience in healthcare. The NHS is focusing on dealing with the pandemic, outreach programs have been put on hold, and most paid employment opportunities have been stopped too. We hope this guidance will reassure applicants of the numerous ways in which they can develop the values, attitudes and behaviours essential to being a doctor, alongside learning what a career in medicine involves. 

What is included in the guidance?

The guidance includes practical tips on how to gain relevant experience in healthcare, including recommendations on: 

  • Keeping a reflective diary on what is happening in the news
  • Making use of online resources which provide an insight into the health sector 
  • Volunteering in your spare time, if you are able to

See the guidance here.


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