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New website launched for aspiring healthcare professionals


The representative bodies for the UK’s medical, dental and pharmacy schools have today launched the Studying Healthcare website to provide information and support to students who are considering applying to study a healthcare course at university.

Making an application to study medicine, dentistry or pharmacy can be daunting for those who are unfamiliar with university admissions. University healthcare faculties typically use a variety of methods to select their students, such as admissions tests and interviews. These selection methods ensure that universities select students who possess the core values and attributes of good healthcare professionals, not just those with the best academic record. However, complex admissions processes can also be difficult to navigate for students who lack access to information and support.

Launched today, Studying Healthcare aims to explain each stage of the admissions process in detail, highlighting the key information applicants need to know about admissions tests, work experience, personal statements and interviews. The website acts as an outreach hub, allowing applicants to access free outreach events and resources offered by universities across the UK. This project, which is funded by Health Education England, forms part of the Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Schools Council’s ongoing work to widen participation in the healthcare professions.

Dr Katie Petty-Saphon, Chief Executive of the Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Schools Councils, said:

“The transition from school to university is a complex time in any student’s life but has been particularly challenging over the past year. The coronavirus pandemic has led to changes in university admissions and has adversely impacted applicants’ ability to easily access support from their teachers and careers advisers. Universities are keen to ensure that this is not to the detriment of widening participation in higher education and healthcare. It is vital in these times to ensure that any student who has the potential and desire to provide healthcare, regardless of their background, is provided with the information and resources they need to make an informed decision to apply to university.”

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