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The Medical School AKT Board

There are several groups that support the development and delivery of the MS AKT. The MS AKT Board acts as the main oversight and governance group responsible for all elements of the MS AKT taken by UK medical students. Its membership includes:

  • Chair of MSC
  • Chair of MSC Assessment
  • Heads of all UK Medical Schools – or their nominees
  • GMC representative
  • UKFPO representative

Operational groups

In addition, the assessment is supported by five operational groups with membership from assessment experts from across UK medical schools.

  • MS AKT Exam Board - responsible for developing and reviewing all processes of MS AKT exams and oversight of MS AKT operational groups.
  • Item Development Group - responsible for the development of new, high-quality question items and development and maintenance of core resources.
  • Exam Construction Group - responsible for the development and oversight of the AKT sampling grid and exam construction.
  • Standard Setting Group - responsible for determining the passing standard for the MS AKT.
  • Policy Group - responsible for updating the MS AKT framework, oversight of its ED&I action plan and equality analysis and development of user guides and best practice events.