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The Medical School Applied Knowledge Test (MS AKT)

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About the Medical School Applied Knowledge Test (MS AKT)

The Medical School Applied Knowledge Test (MS AKT, named in order to differentiate it from the AKT that will be sat by PLAB candidates) is a university-created assessment that is quality assured by the General Medical Council. The MS AKT is designed to assess a candidate's ability to apply medical knowledge to different scenarios. It is made up of single best answer (SBA) questions and is delivered as an on-screen exam under strictly invigilated conditions using lockdown software to prevent access to outside information.

The role of the Medical Schools Council

The Medical Schools Council (MSC) is the representative body for UK medical schools. UK medical schools, supported by the MSC, have developed an applied knowledge test that is constructed centrally, delivered locally and approved and quality assured by the GMC.

The role of the medical school

Medical schools are responsible for delivering the MS AKT and setting local policies using a nationally agreed framework. The MS AKT is university-led and will be embedded within medical schools’ finals exams.