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Practice exam for the MS AKT

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On this page you can find practice materials that can aid your revision for the UK medical school Applied Knowledge Test (MS AKT). These resources have been designed for UK medical students only. For guidance on the PLAB for international medical graduates, please visit the General Medical Council's website.

Practice materials (updated September 2023)

The MS AKT Exam Board has put together a 200-item practice exam (2 x 100 item papers) to help students prepare for the UK medical school AKT. Blueprinted to the MLA Content Map this exam has been designed to reflect the style and type of question that students will encounter when the MS AKT goes live in 2024-25. The practice exam is in pdf form and comes with and without the answer options.

We would like to recognise the contribution of medical schools, and members of the AKT Exam Board in particular, in producing this exam which we hope students will find a valuable resource. Should you have any questions about the clinical content of the practice exam please speak to the Assessment Lead in your school in the first instance.

Medical schools have the opportunity to offer additional practice papers using Exam-Write® so students can become familiar with using the platform. The papers can be sat under timed conditions or left open over a longer period of time. These assessments are organised by your medical school and if you would like to know more about sitting a practice paper on Exam-Write®, please speak to the assessment office at your medical school.