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Due to the pandemic and the need to physically distance, many medical schools will not be able to hold their normal interview days. Even though the rules around physical distancing are gradually relaxing, there is concern that there may be peaks and local surges in infection rates. It is also anticipated that this might get worse over the winter months.

In response, many medical schools are proactively planning to run their panel interviews or multiple mini interviews (MMIs) online instead. Some medical schools are considering using asynchronous interviews too in which candidates record themselves answering set questions and then submit a video.

How to prepare for online interviews

There are lots of simple things you can do to prepare for online interviews and MMIs:

  • Use the MSC Interview Preparation website. Although the content is based on face to face interviews it will give you an idea of the different types of interviews medical schools run and some example questions as well as tips on preparing. 
  • Practice talking to people via video call. You can use free platforms like Microsoft Teams, Skype, or Zoom (free for first 40 mins), WhatsApp, and FaceTime – there is no need to pay for a video call service. This will help you learn how to communicate effectively over video call and will also let you test what sort of environment will help you feel the most comfortable during your interview. 
  • Look at your personal statement and practice talking about what you have written there. As mentioned above, overly practiced responses are NOT what interviewers are looking for, so practice talking about your experiences without writing out a formal response.

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