Equality and Inclusivity Advisory Group

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The purpose of the Equality and Inclusivity Advisory Group is to advise on equality practices within the membership organisations represented on the group. This includes the Medical Schools Council, Dental Schools Council and Veterinary Schools Council.

It was formed in 2015 as the result of a culture survey taken anonymously by female attendees of Medical Schools Council and Dental Schools Council meetings. These attendees were past and current heads of medical and dental schools, senior staff who had attended in the place of heads, and representatives from other organisations. The survey indicated that more could be done to ensure that all new attendees feel welcome and included on the council.

To further explore and address the matters raised in the survey, the Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Advisory Group was created with Professor Dame Anna Dominizcak as chair.

Initiatives from the Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Advisory Group include:

  • The development of a welcome pack for new members with information on current members, staff, and the work undertaken by the organisation. This welcome pack is also available as a general Introduction to the Medical Schools Council. 
  • Equality and diversity is now a standing item on the agenda of council meetings
  • A bullying and harassment policy and a code of conduct have been developed 
  • Contracting an external adviser to perform a second culture survey on the council, which included observation of meetings and the relaying of findings back to the organisation
  • A member of the Executive Committee ‘buddying’ new attendees for their first three meetings
  • Unconscious bias training for all attendees. Read more about unconscious bias here.