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The reflective practitioner – guidance for medical students


The Medical Schools Council and General Medical Council have jointly released The reflective practitioner – guidance for medical students.

Why have we produced this guidance?

We hope this guidance will give medical students a grounding in what it means to be a reflective practitioner and how they can develop core skills in this area. It links reflection to the information on professional values in Achieving good medical practice, giving students a sense of how reflection fits into their educational goals set out in Outcomes for graduates.

We hope it will reassure students as they learn the value of reflection and its key role in being a doctor.

What is included in the guidance?

The guidance includes practical tips on how to make reflective practice a regular part of medical students’ routine, including:

  • Finding the style that works for them
  • When it’s useful to reflect on their work
  • How to record reflections anonymously

Here is a short video from the GMC on why reflective practice is important for students.

See the guidance here.


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