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New website launch: Advice from medical students on applying to medicine


InsideUni has launched a new website called InsideUni Medicine, which provides reliable, student-written advice and insight into the medical school application process. The new website is dedicated to making the system fairer by producing free information and demystifying the application process for those without access to first-hand advice so that all students can benefit and be given an equal opportunity to apply.

InsideUni Medicine is supported by the Medical Schools Council and NHS England, and is designed to counter all the misinformation online about applying to medicine with crowdsourced, student-written advice. 

Call for medical student advice

InsideUni Medicine are calling for current medical students to share their insider knowledge. What things do you wish you had known when you were applying to medicine? 

If you would like to share your experience and offer some advice, please fill out the survey.

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