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Guidance for candidates taking online interviews


Being invited by a medical school to interview is a huge accomplishment — it means the school is interested in getting to know you and learn more about your qualifications. However, to perform well at interview it is vital that you prepare beforehand by familiarising yourself with the guidance provided to you by the medical school about your interview. 

Due to the pandemic and the need to physically distance, many medical schools will not be able to hold their normal interview days this year. Even though the rules around physical distancing are gradually relaxing, there is concern that there may be peaks and local surges in infection rates. It is also anticipated that this might get worse over the winter months. As such, many medical schools are proactively planning to run their panel interviews or multiple mini interviews (MMIs) online instead. Some medical schools are considering using asynchronous interviews too in which candidates record themselves answering set questions and then submit the video. 

To support candidates taking online interviews, the Medical Schools Council has provided guidance on how students can prepare themselves. Candidates are encouraged to read this guidance before their interview alongside any guidance provided by the medical school they are interviewing with. 

Access the full guidance here.

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