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2021 Entry requirements to medicine published


For applicants thinking of applying to medicine in October 2020 for entry in 2021, the Medical Schools Council's annual update of entry requirements for all courses is now live. This is the only resource that collates entry requirements directly from admissions staff in the medical schools.

You can access the information in an interactive format on the entry requirements page, which allows you to search for courses and filter results according to your chosen criteria.

The information is also available in a downloadable document. This outlines the course types and provides links to other admissions information and tools from the Medical Schools Council.

Collating and publishing this information is part of the medical schools’ response to the demand for clear and accessible entry requirements for medicine, as recommended in the Final Report of the Selecting for Excellence projectRemoving barriers will help to build a medical profession that is diverse, highly capable and which represents of the communities it serves. This is of particular benefit to those without good careers advice. The ability to filter by requirements helps to highlight the diverse routes into medicine, as well as the widening participation initiatives offered by medical schools. 

For those applying to medicine for entry in 2021, the Medical Schools Council has issued guidance on how to gain relevant experience during the Covid-19 pandemic. For general information on applying to medical school, see our applications page.


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