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DISCOVER GP | Schools Outreach Competition – Winners announced


The Medical Schools Council and Royal College of General Practitioners are pleased to announce the winners of our outreach competition!

Medical students were invited to create an outreach session based in a primary care setting for pupils aged 11 to 16. The aim of the session is to promote general practice to potential medical school applicants.

The winners are:

1st Place - Surina Taneja and Vignesh Gopalan – University College London

2nd Place - Khadeza Abdul, Gawsalya Mahasivam and Sadia Zaman – Imperial College London

3rd Place - Kiran Masaun - University of Liverpool

As well as receiving Amazon vouchers, the winning entries will be published as a resource by the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Seven shortlisted entries will also be included in the publication. Shortlisted entries are:

  • Alastair Smith, Chloe Wright – University of Southampton
  • Anam Ijaaz, Afra Jiwa - Kings College London
  • Ellen Grose-Hodge - Keele University
  • Gemma Burge, Luke Edwards - Queen Mary, University of London
  • Joshua Tulley - University of Birmingham
  • Leila Ellis - University of Warwick
  • Zakaria Rob, Djouhar Roufeida Belgaid, Sakeriya Farah, Safwan Yunus Umar, Habeeba Suleman Mallu, Ahmed Ali - Queen Mary, University of London

The Medical Schools Council and Royal College of General Practitioners would like to thank all the medical students who took part in the competition. We had a fantastic response with over 85 submissions received. To mark this effort, all entries will receive a certificate for their contribution.


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