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Clinical medicine excels in REF results released today


The Medical Schools Council is delighted to see that clinical medicine has performed exceptionally well in results of the Research Excellence Framework, in which the UK’s leading research across all academic subjects was submitted for a large-scale peer review process. 

Overall, clinical medicine rated joint highest in the percentage of its research activity which achieved a four-star rating, the highest awarded grade. It also came joint highest in grade point average, and is far beyond other subjects in its ‘research power’ rating, determined by multiplying its grade point average by total number of full-time equivalent staff. The large base of staff across clinical medicine allows for major research capacity. An unmatched base of staff combined with a leading grade point average across their work is evidence of research that is significant in both quantity and quality. 

However, the new focus on impact made in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework has shown where clinical medicine truly excels. Looking at impact alone (‘impact’ taken as demonstrable instances of research being seen, used, and making a difference), clinical medicine is highest in both the percentage of its research achieving a four-star rating and in its grade point average. Being an area of study which revolves around its health benefits to the population and often life-saving work, clinical medicine lends itself to the measurement of impact and this has been recognised in the Research Excellence Framework. 

Congratulations to the many researchers across clinical medicine and their colleagues in associated areas who continue to make the UK a world-leader in medical research.

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