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Review Events
Collaboration is at the heart of the Assessment Alliance, which allows representatives of partner medical schools to be involved in item-writing and quality assurance, resulting in improved individual and institutional skills and knowledge in developing high-quality assessments in medicine. Our current work focuses on the review of assessment items. This involves groups of cross-institutional experts that represent a variety of specialties reviewing and improving assessment items. This format enables partners to increase their individual understanding, while also promoting common standards between medical schools.

MSCAA Item Bank
Assessment items reviewed and approved by members become available to all partner schools in the MSCAA item bank. The item bank is an innovative software that supports assessment experts and exam managers through the assessment process from individual and collaborative item writing, review, and quality assurance through to the monitoring of item performance, and ultimately exam creation. The ability to respond to feedback from members is one of the item bank’s strengths and ensures that features are continuously adapted to the changing assessment environment. The largest proportion of items in the bank is currently in the Single Best Answer format, although the bank also contains items in a variety of other item formats used by medical schools. 

Common standards
One of the core aims of the Assessment Alliance is demonstrating the equivalency of the standards applied by medical schools to help ensure the confidence of the public, employers and the regulatory body in the quality of medical school graduates. This is achieved through the collaborative review events, where common standards are being applied to items and in the framework of the MSCAA Reference Group, which enables medical schools to discuss issues relating to assessment and reach a common understanding. 

A poster that was presented at the Glasgow AMEE conference illustrating the quality assurance of Single Best Answer questions applied by MSCAA can be found here.
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