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Who's in Health? 
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Who’s in Health? is a campaign to get thousands of people from the healthcare sector to volunteer to go into primary schools across the country and chat informally to children about their jobs. The aim is to help the children see the relevance of what they are learning at Key Stage 2 (aged 7–11) especially in science, maths and English, and to broaden and raise their future aspirations. 
This will take the form of a national campaign which launches formally in October 2015. Leading up to and across that period, volunteers and schools will connect via the free online match-making service Primary Futures, run by Education and Employers.

The project has been jointly developed by the Medical Schools Council, Education and Employers, the National Association of Head Teachers, and NHS. It was initiated as a response to the Selecting for Excellence Final Report and its following recommendation:

More work should be done to ensure that outreach projects have a UK-wide reach and that people from across the UK have access to opportunities, rather than only those who live near a medical school.

The Medical Schools Council will maintain its natural focus on medicine, where the most significant problems in widening participation have been identified, by in particular looking to medical students and young GPs for volunteers. The Who's in Health? campaign overall will be inclusive of all health professions and the Medical Schools Council looks forward to working with partners across the sector to help promote the health professions around the UK. 

To register as a volunteer for Who's in Health?, sign up with Primary Futures here, at the top-right of the linked page. 
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